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Maquette Hobbyboss - PLA Navy Type 033G Wuhan Class Submarine - Echelle: 1/350

PLA Navy Type 033G Wuhan Class Submarine
Dispo - Expedition mardi 15 juin
Référence: Hobbyboss 83516
  • Fabricant: Hobbyboss
  • Echelle: 1/350
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PLA Navy Type 033G Wuhan Class Submarine 83516Model:83516The proportional model:1:350Browse the number:2653Add to FavoritesCommentProduct introduction: The single unit Wuhan-class Trials Submarine is a Modified R-class submarine with YJ-1 anti ship missiles launchers. The six YJ-1 missiles have active radar homing to 40 km at 0.9 mach sea-skimming and has a 165kg war head. It's also armed with 533mm torpedoes with passive homing to 15 km at 40 knots and has warhead of 400 kg. This sub is built as a trials SSM platform, and others may be converted in due course. Item No 83516 Item Name PLA Navy Type 033G Wuhan Class Submarine Bar Code 6939319235169 Scale 1:350 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length:218.8 mm Beam: 20mm Total Plastic Parts 70+pcs Total Sprues 4 sprues Chromeplate Parts n/a Camouflage Scheme PLA Navy Type 033G Wuhan Class Resin Parts n/a Metal Parts n/a Photo Etched Parts 1 piece Film Accessory n/a Released Date 2011-08 More Features The kit consists of over 70 parts , include 21 Photo etched parts

  • Photo Etched parts for nameplate and propeller etc.