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Achat hungarian light tank 38m toldi i(a20)

Maquette Hobbyboss 82477 Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi I(A20) Logo Hobbyboss
Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi I(A20)
Dispo - Expedition mardi 2 juin
Référence: Hobbyboss 82477
  • Fabricant: Hobbyboss
  • Echelle: 1/35
  • Pays HU
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Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi I(A20) 82477Model:82477The proportional model:1:35Browse the number:2476Add to FavoritesCommentProduct introduction: The 38M Toldi was produced and developed under license from Swedish Landsverk L-60B between 1939 and 1942. Only 202 were produced. Toldi tanks entered Hungarian service in 1940. They first saw action with the Hungarian Army against Yugoslavia in 1941. These tanks were mostly used against the USSR between 1941-1944. Because of their light armour, armament and good communications equipment, they were mostly used for reconnaissance. The design was no match against Soviet T-34 medium tanks encountered during the early stages of Operation Barbarossa. Item No 82477 Item Name Hungarian Light Tank 38M Toldi I(A20) Bar Code 6939319224774 Scale 1:35 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length: 134.8mm Width:60.8 mm Total Plastic Parts 400+ Total Sprues 14 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and turret Camouflage Scheme Hungarian Army Photo Etched Parts 1 piece Released Date 2012-04 More Features the kit consists of over 400 parts

  • Two-directional slide moulded lower hull & upper hull
  • Two-directional slide moulded turret
  • 260 individual