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Maquette Hobbyboss 82463 ZTZ 96 MBT Logo Hobbyboss
Dispo - Expedition mardi 2 juin
Référence: Hobbyboss 82463
  • Fabricant: Hobbyboss
  • Echelle: 1/35
  • Pays Russie RU
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ZTZ 96 MBT 82463Model:82463The proportional model:1:35Browse the number:2892Add to FavoritesCommentProduct introduction: The ZTZ-96 (sometimes also referred to as Type88C) is the final development variant ofChina's second generation main battle tank, It has an indigenous smoothbore125 mmgun. By introducing the autoloader to reduce the crew to three men, more rounds are available for the higher rate of fire. Auxiliary weapons include one7.62 mmcoaxial machine gun, with a fire rate of 250 rounds/min. A 12.7-mm/50-calibre anti-aircraft machine gun is mounted on the command cupola. The ZTZ-96 has a combat weight of 41 ton. It is powered by a liquid cooled 730 hp diesel engine, and gives the tank a maximum road speed of57 km/h. Item Code MN Item No 82463 Item Name ZTZ 96 MBT Trademark HBS Bar Code 6939319224637 Scale 1:35 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length:291.14 mm Width:98.6 mm Total Plastic Parts 580+pcs Total Sprues 21 sprues,lower hull ,upper hull and turret Chromeplate Parts n/a Camouflage Scheme PLA Resin Parts n/a Metal Parts n/a Photo Etched Parts 1piece Film Accessory n/a Released Date 2011-02 More Features - Two-directional slide moulded lower hull

  • Two-directional slide moulded turret
  • The photo-etched fret includes mesh for the engine grill
  • 217 individual tracks links