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Achat ms.406 chasseur français

Maquette Hobbyboss 80235 MS.406 Chasseur Français Logo Hobbyboss
MS.406 Chasseur Français
Dispo - Expedition mardi 2 juin
Référence: Hobbyboss 80235
  • Fabricant: Hobbyboss
  • Echelle: 1/72
  • Pays France FR
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Maquette avion militaire Français au 1/72 The MS.406 was first modern French monoplane fighter. The MS.406 played an important role during the early part of WWII and had a cantilever low-set wing, enclosed cockpit and tail wheel landing gear that included inward-retracting main units. It resulted from a 1934 requirement issued by the French Air Ministry for a monoplane fighter. An initial 1,000 examples were ordered in March 1938. French MS.406 Fighter

  • Echelle 1:72
  • Longueur maquette: 115mm Envergure: 146.8mm Height:
  • Maquette de 24 pièces et de 4 grappes

Paint Schemes MS.406 n°826 (AX674) N°2 French Fighter Flight Haiffa, September 1940. Finland Air Force.